Dear All,

Welcome to the UB Health Department Website.

The UB Health Department is the implementing agency of the Capital City Mayor’s Office, which is responsible for providing the management and professionalism of the implementation of the guidelines, and improve the quality and accessibility of hospital care and services of public and private health organizations operating in the capital city. 




     Improve the quality and accessibility of hospital care services to the capital city, implement health goals stated in the Action Plan of the Capital City Mayor's Office, prevent populations from illness, promote healthy lifestyles to support the health of the population, and early ill identifying and eliminating timely delivery of primary medical care in order to ensure that the world's standards, the country's unique features, and the needs of citizens we are committed to developing policies.

Our organization aims to utilize the information technology as a way to deliver our activities to the public in a way that is fast, productive, open and transparent.Our website is available for more information on organizational information, updated information, current events, interviews, tips and warnings, and report on the information which activities associated with the UB Health Department.

It is important for a country with a healthy citizen to reach the top of prosperity, so that stay healthy individuals, and long life.

We believe that the citizen of the Capital City is a constant reader of our website and will always share your thoughts and cooperation with us. 


                                            DIRECTOR    LUMURBAATAR   MD., PhD

                                   THE ULAANBAATAR HEALTH DEPARTMENT