Mongolia has introduced Radiofrequency Ablation to treat for Uterine Fibroids


       The Ulaanbaatar city's Amgalan maternity hospital is introducing innovative multidisciplinary practices in gynecological practice. One of them has been successfully implemented in high-frequency radio waves, such a uterine myoma and the entire uterine fibroids in pathological uterine bleeding.

      The Amgalan maternity hospital and Korean "RF Medical Center" organized for training in 2018, and trained for 48 Mongolian doctors, 2 Korean doctors and 5 doctors in 2019. 
      "The introduction of FRA therapy to gynecological practice '' was held in Amgalan on February 12-14, 2019, with a combination of practice hosted by Korea Medical Center's Deputy Director Robert Yoo, specialist Nuri Park,  Bat-Future, and Director of Korea Pharm LLC, B. Burma, and Director of Gondal Hospital, C. Batmunkh. The training was attended by 15 physicians from Amgalan, Khuree maternity hospital, Unimed and Medipas hospital in Orkhon province.


















 These days, a joint team of gynecological surgeons from two countries has performed to seven clients. The treatment performed by Chief of the Maternity Hospital T. Batbold, and OBGYN's L.Dolgorzhav, B.Davavaatsetseg, B.Baigalmaa, B.Khishigdavaa, Anesthesiologist B. Bolantavan, nurse D. Khadantsagan, O. Gerelma, assistant nurse R. Tsgamirdulam, and engineer D.Purevuu, D.Gombodorj, P.Bat-Future, a Korean specialist of the Korean Medical Center, participated in ensuring the safety of the technical device.